Previous Summits

Swiss CISO Summits take place three times a year. This overview details past events.

march 2015

03mar12:00CISO Summit No. 3: Advanced Threat PreventionNext Generation Security?

june 2015

02jun12:00CISO Summit No. 4: Next Generation AwarenessEffective Awareness proven through Evidence and Metrics

november 2015

03nov12:00CISO Summit No. 5: Secure Workplaces in a Mobile SocietyLeveraging Secure Mobility to Business Value Proposition

march 2016

08mar12:00CISO Summit No. 6: Information Rights Management (IRM) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) & new European Privacy ActIdentifying Implementation Options

may 2016

31may12:00CISO Summit No. 7: Integration of partner and clients into corporate security architectureThe real way to improve the overall security

october 2016

18oct12:00CISO Summit No. 8: Cybersecurity as part of integral corporate security

january 2017

24jan12:00CISO Summit No. 9: Next Generation Corporate Cyber Defence

may 2017

16may12:00CISO Summit No. 10: Next Level Risk Management and Technology InnovationThe Security Power of Innovative Start-ups

october 2017

18oct12:00CISO Summit No. 11: Detection of Threats and APTWhich approaches perform in corporations, and how to communicate incidents?

january 2018

30jan12:00CISO Summit No. 12: Insider threat: how to mitigate and prepare for post incident measuresCISO’s responsibility in context with other organizational units

may 2018

29may12:00CISO Summit No 13: IoT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) – Concepts, Risks, and the new Role for the CISO

october 2018

30octAll DayCISO Summit No 14: Next Generation Information Security Strategy: Impact, Data Governance & Implementation

january 2019

29janAll DayCISO Summit No 15: CMMI & Risk Management: Methodology advancement, business impact and resilience improvement

may 2019

21mayAll DayCISO Summit No 16: Third Party Security and Patching: How to face this major vulnerability?

october 2019

15octAll DayCISO Summit No 17: Security Culture - how to measure, change and optimize?

january 2020

28janAll DayCISO Summit No 18: Cloud Security: Impact on Risks, Control and Security

september 2020

02sepAll DayCISO Summit No 19: Application Security, Docker, DevOps, and Agility: Which Security Measures, Architecture and Design is needed?

november 2020

04novAll DayCISO Summit No 20: Ransomware: Prevention, Early Detection and Response

january 2021

26janAll DayCISO Summit No 21: Traditional and New Forms of System Security Testing and Verification