About and History

 Who prepares and faciliates?

An organizing committee under the lead of Prof. Dr. Bernhard M. Haemmerli is responsible for the invitation, preparation and guidance of the discussions. Haemmerli is an internationally well-recognized expert with 25 years of information security experience in governments, industry and academia. He is also leading the topic related ICT security platform of the Swiss academy of engineering sciences SATW. Haemmerli is a founding member of the Information Security society Switzerland and he built up the first information security master in Lucerne in 1996. He also teaches at university college Gjøvik, Norway in the technology and management track of the information security master program.

Generalized Agenda

While the main focus is on subject-matter exchange and information sharing, dedicated networking slots exist. Individual events my deviate to accomodate specific content.

  • 12.00 Start with small lunch
  • 13.15 Welcome & introduction
  • 13.30 Keynote from experts or members
  • 14.20 Roundtable session I
  • 15.20 Exchange between the groups and wrap up of the event
  • 15.40 Break
  • 16.00 Roundtable session II
  • 16.50 Exchange between the groups and wrap up of the event
  • 17.10 Summary note
  • 17:30 – Cocktail and Aperitif

History of the Swiss CISO Summit

Swiss CISO Summit was running very successfully from 2001 under the name Risk and Security Exchange and around 2004-2008 as Swiss Security Exchange. It was stopped by the financial turmoil. From 2009 ongoing same format has been running in Norway as Sikkerhetstoppmøte. All this experience gained by Prof. Dr. Haemmerli is put into the Swiss CISO Summit.