CISO Summit No. 7: Integration of partner and clients into corporate security architecture

31may12:00CISO Summit No. 7: Integration of partner and clients into corporate security architectureThe real way to improve the overall security

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Keynote 1: Corporate Security is an Ecosystem

Speaker: Alain Beuchat, UBS

Corporate Security cannot be successfully implemented without including employees, clients, vendors and third-parties in an overall security concept. This seems straightforward and logical. However it is a difficult undertaken as the perception of risk, the amount of resources and budget and priorities is usually quite different across the several actors. This presentation will show some of the challenges and potential ways to integrate clients and third-parties in a Corporate Security ecosystem.

Beuchat, AlainAlain Beuchat is Group Information Security Officer at UBS. Alain focuses on adapting the bank‘s Cyber Security defense and Data Protection framework to the evolving threat landscape. Alain has more than 20 years of experience in the domains of IT risk management and information security primarily in the financial and telecommunication industry. He has occupied several positions as information security officer, security consultant and security engineer.


Keynote 2: Threat Intelligence – A Key Piece Towards Achieving Improved Understanding

Speaker: Mark Barwinski, PwC

Increasingly information is under threat of corruption, destruction, or theft. Better understanding the context of these attacks and who is behind them may lead to not just faster recovery from a compromise, but also proactive defence against known tactics, techniques, and procedures. Integrating a Cyber Threat Intelligence Fusion Center into your architecture complements a holistic defensive posture through enriched pertinent information.

Barwinksi, MarkMark Barwinski is Director for Threat Intelligence and Incident Response at PwC Switzerland. He joined PwC following  11 years of cyber related experience attained at the U.S. Department of Defense in Washington D.C., Germany, Afghanistan, and Canada. He has served in a variety of leadership and liaison roles supporting military operations, defending the Global Information Grid (GiG), and promoting joint discovery and response efforts among partner states. Focused on leveraging actionable information acquired from intelligence and incident response activities, he will highlight the benefits of an integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence Fusion Center into a corporate security architecture.


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