CISO Summit No. 12: Insider threat: how to mitigate and prepare for post incident measures

30jan12:00CISO Summit No. 12: Insider threat: how to mitigate and prepare for post incident measuresCISO’s responsibility in context with other organizational units

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Keynote I: How to crack the problem of insider threats – practical experiences

Speaker: Igor Podebrad

The starting point and rst line of defense against insider threats is always a well-designed awareness campa- ign. But awareness itself is just a piece in a complex puzzle. Identifying core information assets and its threat model leads to the risks. These risks will be evaluated with a business impact analysis such that transparency of the risk exposure is reached and can trigger an internal discussion for addressing this topic on executive level.

As second and third line of defense measures such precise description of processes i.e. process frameworks, multidimensional attribution of data, four or multiple eyes principle during execution and control, Chinese Walls (the strict segregation of duties and critical or contradicting roles), as well as technical measures such as log- ging of relevant actions and their context frameworks, adequate monitoring, evaluation and alarming schemes are effective in mitigation of insider threats. In special areas additional cameras will help to defend against insi- der threats and have evidence, in case it happens anyway. Experience, which measures have proven as effective, and which measures did not meet the expectation, will be shared.

Podebrad, Ivan

Igor Podebrad is Group Chief Information Security Of cer at Commerzbank AG, Germa- ny. In addition, he is adjunct professor for digital forensics and cybercrime at university of applied sciences Brandenburg at Havel, owns a PhD from Freie Universität Berlin and relevant research experience in secure computer architectures in collaboration with Helmut Schmidt Universität of the German defense forces in Hamburg. His work experience comprises management positions with tasks in IT security standards, thread analysis, digital forensics and threats mitigation & defense.


Keynote II: What kind of insider threats must we expect and how can we optimize effective counter measures?

Speaker: Andrea Gergen

The cyber security industry is developing more and more sophisticated solutions to make it even more complex for external attackers and insiders to steal the crown jewels of the company. Besides implementing these new solutions, companies are concentrating on implementing policies and awareness programs to mitigate the risk that arising from insiders, the weakest link in the cyber security processes.

Trends are showing that on the one hand the attack surface, i.e. motivations and possibilities for insider threats, is continuing to grow and on the other hand the cyber security programs are concentrating to build more com- plex solutions, additional barriers and more awareness programs. The speaker presents a holistic view about the current state, future trends and a potential way, how to get more out of the current measures by taking an insider-type-centric view.

Gergen, AndreaAndrea Gergen is director in the area of cybersecurity and privacy at PwC Switzerland. In her function as lead of the Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaS) team she is supporting clients in transforming security solutions into an end to end working, risk and cost optimized security platform. Andrea has over 15 years of experience in IT- and strategy consulting in different industries like nancial services, telecommunication, pharma, chemical and automotive focusing on the implementation and transformation of IT security service management, process- and service optimization and standardization, IT strategy ma- nagement and innovation as well as Business Transformation Management.


January 30, 2018 12:00(GMT+00:00)


Zunfthaus zur Schmiden, Zurich

Marktgasse 20, Zurich

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