CISO Summit No. 10: Next Level Risk Management and Technology Innovation

16may12:00CISO Summit No. 10: Next Level Risk Management and Technology InnovationThe Security Power of Innovative Start-ups

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Keynote: Security Startups: Global trends in security startup investments and the digital identity revolution in Switzerland

Speaker: Thomas Dübendorfer, President Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)

Information security is in dire need of innovation as attackers are getting more and more sophisticated, better funded and run better targeted attacks. Thanks to security startups, new cyber defense methods and more secure systems are transferred from research or military to products used daily by corporations around the globe. The talk will show investments in security startups globally that are contributing to innovation and which areas are especially hot. Furthermore, the talk will discuss how to work with a security startup as a corporate customer and which risks to be aware of. Finally, I‘ll highlight some recent developments on digital identities in Switzerland, which will be essential for the security of online business transactions as they are at the core of many digital business processes.

Duebendorfer, ThomasThomas Dübendorfer is the president of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), an IT security expert and angel investor. He is the co-founder of several Internet technology based start-ups in Switzerland, including Contovista, Frontify, Spontacts and YES Europe AG. He has shaped the Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) as president for five years. He has lectured on network security for ten years at ETH Zurich and is the co-founder and chairman of, which connects the leaders of all key information security organizations active in Switzerland. He has served in a variety of technology leadership, research, development, teaching, board and consulting roles. He has worked as software engineer in Silicon Valley and seven years as tech lead for fraud detection, security and privacy engineering projects at Google and has received three prestigious EMG awards from the Google founders.


First-hand presentations from startups

Instead of a second speaker we have been inviting eight well selected and distinguished security startups (Futurae, Notakey, Cybellum, IRONSCALE, Mi­nerva, Morphisec, Dathena, and Fireglass) to present in a Pecha Kucha style presentation (7 Minutes) the company and the strategy, functional specification and early adopter case studies of the product.

Innovative “World Coffee” style discussion

The discussions will be between the participants and the startups representative in world coffee style: 15 minutes discussion with each founder / delegate in small groups of 3-5 participants.


(Tuesday) 12:00(GMT+00:00)

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